image_small_coaching_1“My 6 year old son, Brandon, had a great time at his first goaltending clinic with Michael Filardo. The ratio of coaches to goaltenders was practically 1:1 and I was amazed at how interested my son was for 3 hours. The drills were effective and interactive which added a lot of value for my son. I especially enjoyed the fact that every drill/activity had a “fun” element to it and each child felt like a “winner” even if they missed saving a goal. I will definitely do this clinic again!”
Karen Barnes, Hockey Mom for two CLCF Travel Hockey Boys
-Rhode Island

“Coach Filardo’s mental approach to goaltending has helped me successfully handle game situations. He brings a lot of enthusiasm to practice each day.”
Daniel Beauregard, Thayer Academy Goaltender (ISL Division I)

“Coach Filardo gave me personal attention to hone my goaltending skills. I learned state of the art techniques and current hockey strategies. I respect Coach Filardo’s strong work ethic as he inspires us to reach a higher level of play.”
Michael Blach, Long Island Gulls ’88 Goaltender
-New York

“Michael Filardo is a goaltending coach with impressive credentials and commitment to developing goaltenders at all levels. He provides a personalized style of goaltending instruction with an enthusiasm and dedication to the sport that is evident every moment he is on the ice. He identifies areas needing improvement and provides techniques to develop those skills. Michael Filardo takes pride in inspiring and helping an athlete realize his dreams. Our son has gained invaluable experience from him in the ever-changing game for goaltenders.”
Ted & Carol Blach, Parents of Michael Blach
-New York

“My son, Michael, has had a good time and felt it was well spent at Michael Filardo’s Goaltending Academy clinics/camps. He played two games the next night after the clinic with Michael Filardo, and played the best I’ve seen him play.”
David Canham, Father of Michael Canham, a Ocean State Lightning (Metro League AAA) & Woonsocket Northstars Goaltender
-Rhode Island

“Coach Filardo taught me great fundamentals. From him I learned awesome techniques that have really allowed me to bring my game to the next level.”
Mathieu Frechette, Thayer Academy Goaltender (ISL Division I)

“These were the best clinics for goaltending that my son, Nicholas, has been to.”
Joanne Forti, Mother of Nicholas Forti
-Rhode Island

“Coach Filardo has helped me bring my game to the next level. He works me hard, and makes it fun at the same time. If you have not trained with Coach Filardo, then you have missed out on a great experience.”
Mike Heffron, Malden Catholic High School, Central Mass. Outlaws Select (Midget Minor) & Massachusetts Select U-15 Goaltender

“I have been to a lot of Michael Filardo’s camps & clinics. I have learned a lot from him and his camps & clinics are so much fun!”
Mark Hochman, Providence Capitals ’94 Goaltender

“Coach Filardo is a great goaltending instructor – he works us hard and makes it fun. Thanks Coach Filardo”
Chris Nikitas, 495 Stars Selects (Midget Major) & Massachusetts/USA Selects U15 Goaltender

image_small_coaching_2“Our son, Chris, has trained with Michael Filardo for the better part of the past year under the Pro Ambitions Selects program as well as with the USA Hockey program. Michael took a personal interest in our son as well as all the other goaltenders he coached. You can email or instant message him just to talk, talk goaltending or if you just want a tip to improve part of your game. In fact, he encourages this. He has the personal interest of your son or daughter in mind. Michael has a dynamic teaching style and possesses solid fundamental and technical skills. He is equally adept at conditioning and speed drills.

The main benefit of Michael’s coaching was our son’s improvement in overall speed, i.e., post to post, movement around the crease, paddle down, glove speed as well as overall conditioning and strength. Michael is worth your time investigating if his style and technique is right for your goaltender. It was worth ours! If your son or daughter has the desire and drive, Michael can be a major force in bringing out the best in their game. Thanks Coach Filardo!”
Karen & Tom Nikitas, Parents of Chris Nikitas

image_small_usa_1“Michael Filardo’s teaching ability and his all out commitment to his goaltenders is like no other. His modern day technique and his experience with the game have really improved my fundamentals over the years. Michael teaches goaltenders to develop a strong work ethic that is useful in every aspect of the game. Michael is not only a great goalie-he is an outstanding teacher. The drills he teaches will not only benefit the physical part of the game but also the mental aspect as well. Michael will bring out the best in your goaltender.”
Bryan Noiles, Boston Harbor Wolves Goaltender (EJHL Junior A)

“Coach Filardo is the best goaltending coach I ever had. The drills he has had taught not only prepare you for a game, but also makes you a better goaltender. There is no other coach I would rather work with.”
Michael Ronan, Boston Harbor Wolves Goaltender (EJHL Junior A)

“Our son, Carlin, had a game the day after his first clinic with Michael Filardo, and we have noticed a big improvement in his goaltending”
Daniel & Dawn Testa, Parents of Carlin Testa, a CLCF ’96 Goaltender
-Rhode Island

“After working with Coach Filardo for a season, I feel I have developed a better work ethic. He has taught me the small things that make you a better player. Overall, his assistance was a great help, and I look foreword to it in the future.”
Matt Trusz, Boston Harbor Wolves Goaltender (EJHL Junior A)

“Whether is on synthetic ice, real ice or in a lobby of a hockey rink Coach Filardo is an awesome coach. He is great to work with, pushes you hard and does not let you fail. I have been working with him for over a year and his coaching has helped me bring my game to the peak that it’s at.”
Matthew Unger, Thayer Academy Goaltender (ISL Division I)

“Our son, Blaine, has truly enjoyed himself at Michael Filardo’s goaltending clinics.”
Mark & Lisa Washburne, Parents of Blaine Washburne, a Nashua Panther Youth ’95 Goaltender

“Coach Filardo has been coaching me for about 4 years now, and I have learned a lot from working with him. Coach Filardo points things out to me that no other goalie coach has ever noticed. I must say that I have come a long way since I have first started working with Coach Filardo. He makes it fun, pushes me hard and does everything he can to make me a better goalie.”
Liam Whalen, Northern Massachusetts Cyclones Goaltender (AJHL)

“Working with Michael Filardo has been a great experience. I have learned new techniques and fundamentals of goaltending. Michael has been a great inspiration for me to reach my goals in my college hockey career.”
One of the Saint Anselm College Goaltenders (NCAA Division III)
-New Hampshire

“Michael Filardo is an excellent instructor. His excitement and charisma rubs off on his students so every student is excited to do the drill, and they focus on doing it correctly”
One of the Bentley College Goaltenders (NCAA Division I)

“Michael Filardo is a unique goaltending coach — one that combines his playing experience, tremendous enthusiasm, challenging demands, hockey knowledge, and off-ice interaction with his players so well that his goalies feed off his contagious hard work and enthusiasm. I honestly do not think that an aspiring goaltender can find another like Michael Filardo.”
One of the Princeton University Goaltenders (NCAA Division I)
-New Jersey

“Working with Coach Filardo over the past two years has strengthened all aspects of my game. My work ethic, attitude, and game performance have all benefited greatly from his coaching. He is the best goalie coach I’ve worked with, and I certainly recommend him to goalies of all ages and skill levels.”
One of the Salve Regina University Goaltenders (NCAA Division III)
-Rhode Island

“Michael Filardo, on and off the ice, has tremendous work ethics and I have learned tremendously from him. He instilled in me that with positive attitude and strong work ethics, there will always be room for improvements. Also, he has taught me never to give up and keep working to obtain my goals.”
One of the St. Mary’s University of Minnesota Goaltenders (NCAA Division III)

“That is experience with Coach Filardo was great and that I learned a lot from him and had a lot of fun. My level of play has increased more than I ever expected. I also have more energy while in the net and have learned to emotionally learn the game as well as physically.”
One of the Sudbury, Maynard & Stow (SMS) Youth Hockey Goaltenders

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